Why Should I Use A Personal Trainer? – Raw Ethics

Over the past ten years, the public has seen a different side of personal trainers due to television shows and almost every celebrity having a personal trainer. The public’s view of personal trainers has also grown immensely because of the increased importance of personal health and fitness. Many believe that the main functions of a personal trainer are to help those who are significantly overweight or those with a lot of money. However, a personal trainer can be used for many other reasons, and you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars trying to find one trainer in specific. All personal trainer’s share the mindset of wanting to help others live a healthy lifestyle, which can be beneficial to almost everyone.

The Role of a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers can come in all different shapes and sizes, but they all share a common trait. All personal trainers have the knowledge, skills, and competence necessary to help their client become more motivated and skilled with different workout regimens. Although many may think that anyone can put on a personal trainer shirt and help others out, this job takes a lot more skill than you would imagine. A personal trainer must have significant knowledge of the human body and the anatomy behind it. They also need to have expertise in dealing with basic nutrition and what foods are most beneficial for the body. Personal Trainer’s also must be able to come up with individual and group exercise that all participants will be able to complete in an effective and safe way. Lastly, personal trainer’s need to get to know their client so they can determine what goals to set up and what the client is trying to get out of the whole experience.

There are many steps that go into the personal training experience and it usually results in a long-term plan. This process has many steps, and here are some of the steps you probably will go through:

  • Assess your fitness level
  • Set goals
  • Make a Plan
  • Demonstrate
  • Motivate

-Before any training starts, the personal trainer must first run their client through some basic fitness tests to determine their current physical state. The trainer will also figure out with their client what they are trying to get out of the whole experience. This can be anywhere from improving one’s cardiovascular health to bulking up and gaining some muscle. Generally, your weight and flexibility are measured at the beginning that way the trainer knows what you would be capable of doing.

-A personal trainer also helps their client come up with realistic goals to set with their fitness plan. These goals can be broken up into two categories: short-term and long-term goals. Short-term goals are easily measured and usually consist of more basic achievements such as losing 5-10 pounds. A long-term goal is more challenging to measure and takes over a year but focuses on challenging your body to achieve something that may seem hard to accomplish. Setting these goals helps the trainer determine which workout plan will work best for the client.

-After the goals have been set by the client, the trainer now has to come up with a personalized plan to directly benefit their client. The personal trainer has to decide what workouts and exercises will help their client achieve both their short-term and long-term goals. These workouts can range from aerobic activities to participating in recreational sports, it all depends on the goals previously set.

-The next step in the personal training process may be the most important for the client. This refers to showing the client what exercises they are going to be doing and also showing them the proper form for the workouts. Having the proper form when working out is key to success, and improper form may result in injury.

-Lastly, a personal trainer’s main focus is to be motivating for their client by helping them achieve their goals. Working out is supposed to be a fun activity and a personal trainer helps with keeping a positive attitude. When working out alone it is common to lose interest, resulting in a minimal effort being put into the workout routine. A personal trainer helps make your workout a fun yet challenging experience.

Benefits of Using a Personal Trainer

Using a personal trainer can be a very positive experience for those trying to reach a certain health or strength level. Many of our clients often ask us why a personal trainer is so important when they can do the same workouts by themselves. Here are a few reasons to why having a personal trainer can be beneficial to you:

  • There is no wasted time
  • They focus on your form
  • It is educational
  • They help you make better habits

-To start off, a huge benefit of having a personal trainer is the time you spend working out. Without a trainer, you will spend a lot of time at the gym walking around and wondering what your next workout will be. This indecisiveness is common with the average person working out alone and can be prevented with the help of a personal trainer. This is because the personal trainer will keep you moving, and tell you exactly where to go after you finish a specific exercise.

-Personal trainers also help their client with the proper form, no matter what exercise they are doing. Like mentioned earlier, an improper form may lead to injury so it is important that you are doing every exercise with the correct form that way you do not start bad habits.

-Due to the immense amount of knowledge that a personal trainer has about the body and nutrition, they can offer a lot of insight that you may not have considered prior to the workout. You may learn some new workouts or even the right way to be doing a certain exercise. The best part about working with a personal trainer is the insight you receive from someone who spends just about every day in the gym.

-Lastly, personal trainers help their clients change their current habits into one’s that may be more beneficial to one’s body and health. Some habits a trainer can help their client break are to stop smoking, eating junk foods, and not staying hydrated. A personal trainer will help correct these habits by offering alternatives and ways to start a healthier lifestyle by avoiding the old habits.

Why Choose Raw Ethics

Unlike most personal trainers and workout regimens, raw ethics takes a very unique approach to the workout experience. At raw ethics, we do not believe in diets and taking workout supplements to aid with your exercises. This is because everyone has a different body structure and diets are too restrictive for one to follow. We also do not believe in having an intensive workout for every day of the week. Instead, we are big believers in taking a day after the workout for recovery which will result in a relaxed nervous system and less muscle tension holding you back. Due to years of experience and high expertise, Dean Beck is your best option in Boca Raton for personal training. Give us a call at (952) 292-1537 and see how personal training can help you!