Staying Motivated To Exercise

Staying Motivated To Exercise

Luckily, there are ways that can help keep you motivated when it comes to exercising. But FIRST, cut out these excuses!  “I am too busy,” “I am too tired,” “I do not need to work out my body looks fine,” “I do not see any difference in my body when I work out so what is the point,” “I do not feel like getting sweaty,” or “I do not like the gym.”  If you say any of these excuses try to change your excuse to why you need to go. Getting exercise is important for your overall health, it can affect how you look, feel, and think. One of the top ways to keep motivated is to get rid of the excuses and think of all the positives that exercising gives you or even think about the negative effects not exercising does. If you do not move your body enough your body will get stiffer, slowly add on more fat and just not have the energy to keep up with everyday life, especially as you get older. Train your brain to change your excuse into a reason why you need to exercise. You have to beat the mind game which is the hardest part!

Cut The Excuses

If you say your too busy or tired. Sometimes these can be true but you personally should know if it is true or if you are just being lazy. You can most likely always make time for the gym and get enough rest. You only need to go to the gym 30 min – 1 hour a day. It really does not take up too much of your day or resting time. Make a routine, sign up for a class or get a personal trainer, this way it pushes you to go.

If you do not feel like getting sweaty there are many ways to approach this. But first answer this, why? You do not want to have to wash your hair, you do not have enough time to shower after or you just do not feel like it…, for most not all, hair does not always look/smell bad after the gym you can just take a body shower and not wash your hair or go to the gym every other day so you do not have to wash your hair every day. If you do not want to get sweaty because you do not have time to take a shower after the gym then plan ahead so you do have time after your workout to shower or shower at the gym. If you just do not feel like getting sweaty half the time you probably are going to take a shower later so before your normal time of taking showers, go to the gym.gym workout plan

If you say I do not need to work out because my body looks fine or you do not see progress. No matter the case if you do not think exercise is benefiting you and your body you are WRONG. According to Mayo Clinic, it controls your weight, improves your mood, gives you energy, promotes better sleep, improves your sex life, prevents you from developing health problems such as stroke, depression, arthritis and more.  Exercise is very important especially as you start aging, it keeps your body functioning. Keep track of how you feel and your progress after you work out so you can see how it has been benefiting you. Just because you think your body looks fine does not mean you are healthy overall. And just because you do not see the progress does not mean exercise is not benefiting you because it is.

If you do not like the gym then figure out what can make your experience better or there are other options for exercise. If you need to have a friend go with you to the gym to motivate you to go, find one. If you need guidance when exercising take a class that interests you or get a personal trainer. You also can run outside, join a sports team, go swimming, do yoga, etc, find what interests you the most when it comes to getting your body moving. The more interested you are in the form of exercise the easier it will be for you to do it.

How To Motivate Yourself To Exercise

Each person is different and needs to find what keeps them motivated when exercising.

Set Fitness Goals

Set fitness goals or write down on paper reasons why you need to exercise to keep you motivated. Put it somewhere where you will see it every day. Goals could be a weight you are trying to reach, wanting to be stronger, making exercise a part of your daily routine, learning new yoga positions or exercises, running a marathon in a certain amount of time or becoming more flexible. Everyone’s goals vary but even once you reach your goal you have to also maintain it. This is the hardest part because some people slack off once they reach their goal but exercise is also about maintaining. Also make sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable and time-bound. This way you are able to see progress and reach your goal.local personal trainer

Develop A Fitness Strategy

If you need other people to keep you motivated then get a friend, sign up for fitness classes, or get a personal trainer. Being around other people and having them guide you can make working out easier and more fun for you. Make a gym workout plan, have an arm day or leg day or make a list of exercises you do while at the gym so you follow that list each time. Take notes on your progress and how you feel after you work out, this way you see all the positives. If you look back at your progress or how good you feel after you work out it will make you motivated to keep working out. Figure out the form of exercise you enjoy the most. Fit working out into your daily schedule and if something comes up, fit it into a different time slot during your day. Write down working out on days in your calendar or planner or set an alarm on your phone. Find strategies that offer you support and constant reminders of when and why you need to exercise.

Find A Personal Fitness Trainer

Find a local personal trainer like Dean from Raw Ethics at gyms in Boca to help keep you motivated to exercise. He offers one on one workouts and boot camps. If you are looking for someone for one on one guidance to really focus on what results or goals you are wanting to get to, a personal trainer can help you reach them. Also, boot camps are useful if you prefer group settings and being surrounded by other people to help push you. Having others support you when you are exercising is a great motivator!

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