Get in the best shape of your life with the Raw Ethics personal trainer mobile app. Here you will connect with your trainer and get personalized workouts delivered to your phone! Each Program is 8 weeks long and is structured around Dean’s Raw Ethic Principles. Based on your results the program gets updated to fit your current fitness goals.

Get all the benefits of a personal training for more than half the cost!! The app features live progress tracking, a fitness calendar, a nutrition log, a fitness community and a database that includes over 4,000 workouts with animated videos. You do not have to be a member of a gym to use this app hence everything is customized based on your needs and preferences


This is the main section of the app, you will be able to explore new workouts, view your training schedule and track your progress here.

Exercises Tab:

This is where you will explore new exercises to preform. All exercises s are shown in animated videos so you know how to do them correctly. You will have the option to decide what muscle group you want to try and what materials you want to use. There are over 4,000 different exercises to choose from and new exercises are being added daily.

Workouts Tab:

EXTRA Raw Ethic Workout Programs! These Programs are there for special occasions. There will be workouts designed for you to do outside, in parks, on vacations, in your home, ECT. There will also be workouts teaching you how to use specific materials ex. Foam Roller, TRX.

Calendar Tab:

View your workout schedule set by your trainer. There will be animated videos and notes included for each excersise.

Schedule Tab:

View the Raw Ethics Class Schedule and book an appointment.

Club Tab:

View the clubs contact information. You will contact your coach here. 

Membership Tab:

Check your membership status 

Progress Tab:

Built in progress tracker to keep you motivated and see your progress. Detailed charts are made for you overtime based on the information you put in. There are over 60 things to track from body fat to poor lifestyle habits such a smoking. 

Challenges Tab:

View the Raw Ethics weekly challenge. Examples include 100 push-ups a day, 1-mile jog a day, ECT.


This is where you and your trainer will connect.

Upcoming Activities:

View your upcoming workout set by your trainer here.


View the current challenge set by your trainer here. 

Current Workout Plan:

View the status of your workout here


This is where you can view your past activity’sand see statistics and charts of your performance.

Progress Tracker:

View the data entered into the progress tracker in a well-detailed chart.

Nutrition History:

If synced with our food app, you can view your nutrition facts. (Optional)

Activity Stats:

Stats on calories you’ve burned, minutes worked out, miles ran, and fitness points.


Check out all the awards you’ve received for working out hard!

Body Composition:

View your current body fat, muscle mass, and bone density.